Mozilla Thunderbird Email Setup

Mozilla Thunderbird is the best email program that we can recommend for sending and receiving email thru our server.  Setup is fairly painless and simple.

To get Thunderbird go to

If you just installed Thunderbird for the first time, it will start by asking you to setup a mail account.  Or, just click on Tools, then Account Settings for the setup.

  • Under Account Actions, select Add Mail Account.
  • Enter your Name, Email Address, and Password and optionally check the box that says Remember password.
  • Click Next and the wizard will do the rest for you.  Simply click the Create Account button.
  • You will get a certificate error warning you that the certificate doesn't match.  That is ok, accept it permentantly.
  • Attempt to send yourself an email.   You will once again get the certificate error, accept it permenantly.
  • Attempt to send yourself another email.   The email will send but you may receive an error saying it can't copy the message to the sent folder.  If this happens, simply close thunderbird and open it again.
  • Send yourself another test message and it should send just fine.   Check your email and you should see the test email that you just sent. 


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