Why does email bounce when some people send to me?

The problem:  you have your email here at Delta Technical Services and someone is attempting to send you an email and it bounces or doesn't come thru.

There are two possible reasons why a message might not be delivered.   Either the spam filter thinks it is spam, or the sender's server is misconfigured.  Here is how to tell the difference and correct the problem.

If the message is bouncing back to the sender

This usually means the sender's mail server is misconfigured.   The bounced message that the sender got back will explain what the problem is including a link to a page explaining their exact problem.   They should send this to the person that runs their email server to correct the issue.    This page explains all those reasons.

The most common reasons for messages bouncing is improperly configured reverse DNS, and blacklisted servers.   Administrators of the sender's servers should be checking the status of their email service from time to time using www.mxtoolbox.com

If the message is NOT bouncing back to the sender, but the message just doesn't come thru.

This usually means the message is failing silently because our system thinks the message is spam.   You can adjust your own spam filter by logging into your control panel.  Please see our other article on How to Adjust Your Spam Settings.


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