How do I transfer my domain to Delta Technical Services?

First, be sure your domain is ready to be transfered from your current registrar.  You will need to unlock the domain and obtain the EPP code.  Some registrars call this the "Authorization Code"

From the page you are currently on, click on Order, then, click on Transfer Domain.  Enter your domain name and click on Check Availability.   If the domain is available to transfer it will display as available.   Check the domain you want to transfer and click on Add to Cart.  Enter the EPP code.  Proceed to checkout and pay for the domain transfer.

You will need to check your email regularly as you will receive a confirmation notice from  Scroll down and find the "Approve Transfer Link" and click on it.  You must receive this email and click this link before the domain will transfer.

If you are having trouble transfering a domain and need assistance, give us a call and we will assist you in making the transfer.

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