You may have heard in the news lately that Google is changing the way your websites are indexed as of April 21.    Google is penalizing websites that are not "mobile-friendly" or do not match their speed requirements.  Websites that are not mobile-friendly or don't score well in page speed will notice about a 50% decrease in traffic.    These days, website traffic comes from roughly 50% mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.   Anyone searching for your site from a mobile device will likely not find your website if it isn't mobile friendly as defined by Google.
The good news is that we can help by redesigning your website to be mobile friendly and fast loading.   Give us a call for a free estimate on converting your site.
Is your site mobile friendly?  There are 2 tests you need to pass before your site will be considered mobile friendly by Google.   
The first test is regarding the layout and how it fits on a mobile device.    Test your site with this link..
The second test is the speed of your website.  If your speed is too slow,  you will be losing traffic because Google will drop your listing way down in the list.   You can see how your site scores with this link.
We have recently installed a module designed by Google which should automatically optimize your websites for speed.  However,  many sites can't be helped much without being redesigned.   Run the tests above and see how you score.
If you have questions or would like an estimate for optimizing your site so you get maximum traffic, contact me today.  503-610-8747

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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