Recently Delta Technical Services has installed a new billing and support system.   All of our web hosting accounts have been reconfigured to use this new system.  As a result, some passwords may have changed.

If you are a Delta Technical Services customer and haven't already logged in to the new system, please do it right away and verify your contact information.   By now you should have received a welcome message that gave you your new login information.  If you didn't get the new login information, please Click Here and enter a support ticket providing your email name, email address and phone number and I will send you your login information.

The support system has a new but growing knowledge base of frequently asked questions and other information to assist you in managing your account, configuring your email and much more.  Click on Knowledge Base to view.

All billing will now be done via this new system.  You will receive your bill via email.  You can pay your bill either by clicking on the link in the email and paying online or, print out the bill and mail a check.

If you are unable to log in to your FTP site or Control Panel, it is probably because your password has changed during the process of implementing the new support system.   Since we had no way of looking up current passwords, I had to generate random passwords or revert to the original password you used when you first signed up.  You can view/change your password by logging in, click on "My Hosting Packages", then click on "View Details"


Monday, August 25, 2008

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