Google's Search Standards Changed, Your site may be penalized!

You may have heard in the news lately that Google is changing the way your websites are indexed as of April 21.    Google is penalizing websites that are not "mobile-friendly" or do not match their speed requirements.  Websites that are not mobile-friendly or don't score well in page speed will notice about a 50% decrease in traffic.    These ... Read More »

1st Apr 2015
Lots of New Domain Names Available Now With Many More to Come!

Having trouble finding a decent domain name with the limited .com, .net, and .org?  Now there are many more choices available that may fit you well. 

ICANN has recently come up with over 1000 new TLDs, over 200 of which are available to purchaase now.    Check out the domains and find yours!

New gTLDs

31st Mar 2014
Our phone number is changing

Our phone number has changed and the new number is (503) 610-8747.  Please update your phone directories and contacts.  

2nd Mar 2013
New Webmail! Featuring RoundCube

We just replaced Squirrel Mail with a new webmail called RoundCube.    They stopped doing any new development on Squirrelmail in 2005 and so it was time for something new and fresh. RoundCube has to be the best webmail I have ever seen.  In fact, it even blows away Gmail! It doesn't even feel like webmail, instead, it feels like a desktop ... Read More »

25th Apr 2011
New Website

We just completely recreated our web site.   Check it out.  If you are a customer, it has a lot of useful resources.   If you are not a customer, there is much more information about our services.

New video tutorials,  more knowledge base articles, faster easier access to your control panel and much more.

21st Apr 2011
New .co domains available.

Are you having problems finding the domain name you want?  All the good .com names are taken.  Try the new .co which has recently been made available.

Get your name registered now while great domain names are still available.

11th Apr 2011
FREE Web Hosting Plan

For the first time, Delta Technical Services is now offering a FREE web hosting plan.   It doesn't come with phone support like the paid plans do but for small sites that don't mind a small forced ad at the bottom of each page and forum based support, you can't beat the price (FREE).

Click here to sign up for FREE hosting


19th Sep 2010
New Web Mail - SquirrelMail

If you need to access your email from a web browser or just want an easy way to access your email while away from your office, you need to checkout our new Squirrel Mail. In the past we have had a web mail program called Horde and it was ugly and too techie for most people.  Now we have an easier to use and more user friendly solution. To ... Read More »

6th Aug 2010
May News From Delta Technical Services

Spam Filters Upgraded We recently upgraded our spam filters so your spam should be greatly reduced.  Those annoying spams that contained nothing more than an image telling you where to get those drugs that none of us want should be gone for good.  If anyone is still getting those we would appreciate it if you would let us know. New ... Read More »

29th May 2009
Got Spam? If you have been getting excessive spam recently, read this...

We did a server upgrade around Christmas of 2008.  Several people have complained about excessive spam since then. We have an excellent spam filtering system and there is no reason anyone should have to tolorate spam!  The solution to fix this is simple. Here are the instructions to fix it yourself. If you would rather not attempt it ... Read More »

27th Jan 2009